Thursday, 29 March 2012


I started my block photography course.

It made me realize- photography is HARD.

the tips I got from chatting to my tute today:

core elements

look for clean not busy background

If it's not 'clean' then scrap it, it's not a good photo.

do photoshop editing (I usually use iphoto?)

Focus + put thought into it (as a general rule).

I thought it would be quite effortless to get something good to be honest but actually it's really hard to meet the daily brief and do something that's coffee table book worthy (we're using these pics for the editorial course).

DAY 1:

take pic of unmade bed
10X pic without looking
Portrait of friend without face
What u eat
3X self portrait reflection
3X pic of something u wouldn't take a pic of

DAY 2:
(we were looking at Eggleston pics)

'Every element in the photograph counts'

All must be in the style of Eggleston:

Take pics of
shop window
'private' object
pic within pic

(learning about semiotics)
'we read signs all the time- even when dreaming'

find a personal context that represents femininity/masculinity

make 20 images that represent the vulva and 20 images that represent the phallus

Watched a documentary with Rowan Atkinson about ways to show humour
Watched a documentary about photographer Martin Parr who did photography with humour. Photos of boring in Boring.

Make 5 images of each phrase

'Aber hier und ├╝berhaupt, kommt es anders als man glaubt...'- Willhelm Busch

No matter what u expect, it will turn out differently anyway.

'Menschen mit Phantasie langweilen sich nie.' - Jakob Boshart

People with imagination are never bored.

Tomorrow we are going to Frankfurt.

Overall my natural instinct was to argue because I think that some of the things that we had to do kind of contradict the 'clean cut style'--- like taking photos without looking, it seemed like he wanted us to focus more about the concept rather than the editing so I haven't been focussing that much on creating 'good' photographs but then I realised that I need to gain this eye in my work in general (for example my surrealism publication) as sometimes I don't think of how everything fits together and I am not very purposeful when considering how everything fits together as a whole, instead I have been 'experimenting' and kind of sticking it all together. Good to be able to reflect on that.

So now I will take on the criticism and battle on..............

Sunday, 25 March 2012

2nd semester


I've chosen my new courses for this semester. I will be taking:

A block photography course

In which the material I will make will be used on an

Editorial design course (we will be making coffee table book style books)

A freestyle typography course

and going on a trip to Civitella Italy to do drawing. Which is also a block course at the end of April.

I'm really looking forward to all of this and can't wait to get started (tomorrow).