Friday, 2 December 2011


Had such a motivating morning. Got up at 7, went to my new german class which was intense but I loved it. Pretty much every other person was from a completely different place in the world and everyone was so so friendly. I also learned german which was a plus as i've been lazy recently so it was significant steps in the right direction.

I've come to accept that things happen slowly here (small city lyf) but for me that has been an important life lesson that you have to set out with a goal and slowly with reinforcements you grow closer to reaching it.

At first when I got here I was annoyed that I didn't feel I could speak german more fluently after a few weeks and then I got stressed out and got disheartened. Same wit projects. But revelation! I truly have now come to realise that school teachers/parents/wise people were actually right all along, a little bit everyday actually does pay off.

Work is also progressing with my new found ethos. Yesterday I met up with Liv and Ben and we conversed about our projects well into the night. We also talked about Christianity as Ben is a Christian and it was very interesting to hear about his beliefs. It was a educational and enriching experience and very helpful to talk about our projs. It wasn't as pretentious as it sounds, the session was broken up by a bit of Rent the musical singing (mostly me) and pizza party.

I have scared myself recently as I have seen a side of myself that i've never seen before and never knew I had: Domestic Goddess. I have started to make soups from scratch, pre pack my lunches and noticing dirt. I do not think that this is so bad but it is surprising. I hope the german traits of being highly organized are finally starting to influence me.

After what seemed like yeeeeeearssss of waiting I got my desposy pics back!















1.Animal Farm
2.The day we carried 4 pieces of wardrobe from our flat to the street zum mitnehmen.
3.This is a Darmstadt beer lorry betcha can't see dat.
4.This is the man who was showing us how to work a cool type machine. Explained in german so didn't wholly understand what it did but it was very exciting and made loud noises.
5.I don't really remember what this was, something in the factory that I took a pic of for artistic effect.
6.Liv in our fave place.
7.A pretty place by skool.
8.Fuji at the Christmas market
9.My flatmate/party/tropical
10.Party fun
11.From my balcony
13.Tradition meets trends
14.Inky Aprons