Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Twenty Nine

Dis ma Victoria Sponge cake that I made. It was thoroughly enjoyed. Yum. Everyone made foods from their own countries. We got fat today.

School trip auf Deutsch: We drove in the car to Heppenheim where we had some fun. Heppenheim is very pretty and can best be described as a spar town (as it is very relaxed and there was atleast 1 poster advertising a classic rock concert for over 30s).

Herr Taxi Driver.

In Heppenheim we went to this Indian Resteraunt which was actually really great and friendly. It did even look like an Indian palace.

Christmas lives at € store.
Ja Ja Ja Ja.

Stumbled across a secret little Village.

New fave drink at kirchberghäuschen!

The apple wine is so sweet and fresh and amazing that you have to put the coasters on the top of your glass to block out bugs.

Oi oi.

We drove back and had a picnic in the Orangerie for din dins. Feast of foods from different countries.

Then I went and had a little drink with german frands. I just couldn't get enough.


Once a pretty bird.

Burnt my cake for tomorrow. Making a Victoria Sponge Cake init.

Beautified. (shh)

Went to the fair ground (Herbst Mess). Went on a really fast ride + the ferris wheel.

The really fast ride.

Bratwurst Murder.

My Treasure.

Monday, 26 September 2011


Went to the SPACE CENTRE today.

We met at 3 at the Hauptbahnhof. Then we (all the Erasmusees) were led towards the SPACE CENTRE.

I thought it was going to maybe be a dome of summat but unfortunately there was none of that. We were told to hand in identification and given a visitor pass. We got split into two groups and the other group was then led away by one of the tour guides.

They don't like peeps taking photos inside which is why I only have a pitiful amount of 2. Kinda wanted to take psychy spacey photos.

Then we stood in a carpark and looked at informative signs whilst the tour guide talked her talk. Then led into watch an informative film.

Got a free poster. Cool.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

24, 25, 26.

Fri. We got let out early so that was fun. Have been very bad at speaking german. Not really enjoying the lessons with the teach atmz so feel a bit unmotivated. Maybe something to do with the amount of hausaufgaben I have yet to do.

Sat. Went to another Flohmarkt in a different side of town. I prefer the other one.

In the eve went to an American College themed party night. They had red cups, all my dreams came true. (Erasmus gang meets Myspace 2007). It was so fun.

Sun. A+ Hangover.

I have also now moved rooms! Exciting change.

Wasted auf deutsch


Thursday, 22 September 2011


After da Stock Exchange, we went up the large building. It cost € X 3. Worth it. The view was gripping. We could just about see little Darmstadt in the distance. Great day for seeing.
Then we dallied over the bridge to a district where there were lots of cute little christmas card type buildings and pubs. We had great food and more Apfelwein. Lecker.

Sky Scrapin

Pumpkin Town

Erasmus camera whore harassed fisherman

A truly german meal.

Sausage fun.

Stock Exchange: 23

Today we had an ErAsMuS trip to Frankfurt to see the stock exchange and go up a tall building. The stock exchange was kind of (really) boring because nobody really knew anything about the stock market or was particularly interested in it, but in Frankfurt Stock Exchange is big there so we had to go.

Although it was dull, it made pretty pictures e-spesh in black and white. We had lots of tourist timez taking photos today.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

22 Happy Day

It was pretty warm today
so after german class I
went and fell asleep in a park
for a while.
Marktplatz Market
Lolz Truism
Olivia and Yonn came for Dins.
We ate a classic dish of Schnitzel and
carrots/peas combo. It was delicious and
Happy Day Meal
OJ lookin at stuff in ma room
***Happy Day***