Monday, 28 November 2011


Haus fur Industriekultur Kirschenallee 88. School trip for Typography class.

Had a look around letterpress and various other complicated looking machines. A very busy place.

Floor Art.

I was very proud of this. Didn't have an envelope so I turned one inside out. DIY.

This was at a 'houseparty' I went to. Crack open the design games! Crazy times.

My flatmate.

Boi bedroom.

At an electro club, level 6. Very different from english clubs for sure. I enjoyed doing spacey dancing.

As did my friend.


Letterism is a movement I have been looking at for my conceptual project.

I feel quite confused about the direction i'm taking this project in but I think this is kind of the point. I have been getting into the research which kind of a big thing for me.

I thought this was interesting as it combines text with image but is based on intuition and is not meant to be read. Just felt.

We are few weeks into this project now and Letterism is something i found from researching Orange alternative revolution which I got to from the art movement Happenings. All of these movements are vaguely related with this instinctive form of expression.

Every single crit i am sort of feeling more despair and have to go back into research which makes me feel more and more lost but I am discovering recurring aspects which is good because that is we are supposed to be making a publication with. I guess I just need to do more research.

Other related movements:

Asemic writing

'We humans don't think in words. There's a deeper level, which only condenses out into words as the final stage. This is my belief. If this is true, then we need something other than words, to illustrate our true thoughts. Some of the asemic writing feels true to me, in ways that words cannot achieve.'


"Hypergraphy merges poetry (text) with more visual (graphic) ways of communication such as painting, illustration or signs. This technique was first known as 'metagraphics', but later became known as 'hypergraphics'. Maurice LemaƮtre, a Lettrist theorist, defined it as communicating through the union of various forms of communication, as an "ensemble of signs capable of transmitting the reality served by the conscienceness more exacltly than all the former fragmentary and partial practices (phonetic alphabets, algebra, geometry, painting, music, and so forth)."

Situationist international

'The fulfillment of human desires.'

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Frankfurt Modern Art Museum

I wrote down some notes from my trip to Frankfurt modern art museum and today I decided to bring them out of the notebook. These are some of the artists/works that pleased me.

Thomas Bayrle. Overjoyed to have discovered him. His work caught my eye initially coz it looked like needlework which I had been doing in my Illustration course. I like how his art looks like a pretty pic from a distance and then when you take a closer look you realize it's rather more naughty.

Christopher Brech

I saw a film by him made in 1964 called Opus 110a. I have written down in my notes 'use of music choreographing in film'. Can't find any examples of it atm.

Alighiero Boetti

Who actually did use needlework. I like the colour usage the lettering and the random vastness. (at the risk of sounding like I am writing a-level art proj).

Arnulf Rainer

Luv a good portrait. Like his expressive and colourful work. Also think it's a frequently used style paint on photographs but this looks meaningful and original.


Been a good 10 days.

Creeper in Col

Matildenhoehe looking pretty (by skool)

Street treat- zum mitnehmen, danke!

Halloween Yums

Snake Zookeeper Princess


Birthday party at home

Celebratory Food