Friday, 17 February 2012


It occurred to me that I haven't done a general post about LYF for a while.

This is a good thing, as I have actually been doing real living as it's been substantially cultural.

I have gone through a few obstacles in the past weeks since winter hols ended, Cambers Liv left so 'the English girls' became 1, Deadlines, finding a new place to live but i've come through strong and i'm alive and living on.

I went to a good 'diploma' (basically- finishing) party on the weekend which was really really great, was loving life and speaking german and meeting people and dancing. Lots of people that I met are leaving to do work placements/go elsewhere on Erasmus which is really sad! I only hope that there will be great new people to meet. Cool.

Me and my flatmates are getting on really well and i'm super sad to be moving out. They are also in the design department and it's fun to get another point of view because they are all doing exciting things and have been studying longer than me and know what they're doing.

I'm enjoying work a lot more now since actually finishing my projects. The Entwurf (publication-movements) proj was really challenging but talking to other people on the course it seems like everyone thought the same and I don't think anyone was entirely satisfied with themselves, which I think is kind of a good thing (I think?!) coz it makes you think of how you could have done better. The main thing I learned from that course was how to research and that you should be doing something you believe in so you can justify it no matter what anyone else says.

Frank said at the start of Erasmus that it was good to be unsure, I don't know if this was part of a learning strategy? Because we were SO unsure and then after the holidays we were so lost.

Then he said if you believe in what you are doing, you can argue the brief.

I have about a week left until I go back to England for a couple of weeks. Today I am going to Muenster for the weekend we also might drop by in Koeln for the CaRnIvAl. Then next week I have to move and i'm gonna apply for a job and go to the architecture museum! I'm also trying to sketchbook and keep on making stuff. Lots of fun things.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

MM Storytelling VID

MM Storytelling from Kate Bailey-Neale on Vimeo.

This is my vid that I made with the illustrations from the compact course that we did in the first few weeks.

I accepted the challenge of learning new programs and I am really happy with how it's all come out! Defs gonna do more vids now i've learned some AE skills.


A typeface made from googled letters.

All 15 pages of my publication

From this project I have been able to explore and understand some of my interests more. I really enjoyed exploring the Surrealist Manifesto and free writing and the more I researched, the more I discovered that it is an underlying theme in a lot of my work. I'm really interested in expressing the subconscious and the psychology behind how to do this.

I think that I could have been a lot more experimental in this project and that the theoretical side kind of inhibited me to totally let go. It was really difficult to get perspective after having researched so much but I still find this subject really interesting and I have ideas about how I can explore further.