Friday, 25 May 2012

How my poster turned out

Looking at it now i'm relatively happy with it for a first poster attempt (shameful to say that I avoided poster projects in the past).

BUT I realize that the type size is way too small. I really miss having a printer to test stuff. I printed it knowing that it wasn't 100% perfect, just wanted to get through it and see how it would come out! Looking happy with myself (I actually really was). Learning, learning.

Felt like this project was a really good experience as it was for this 'Welcome New Zealand' book fair competition so it forced me to be a bit more 'industry minded'. I was gonna be stubborn and do a painted version but someone pointed out that on A1 you would be able to see major details.

My idea was to use these maori sayings (your basket and my basket) and illustrate it by putting things from both places inside the basket. Still happy with my idea just wished I could have worked a bit more on the details. Other people did some really good stuff, it was very enjoyable to see how everyones ideas took form.

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