Thursday, 12 July 2012

Last 2 weeks

Bit of reflection on this blog so far,

It's really good to look back on progress but I haven't really posted anything that I feel represents the work that I have actually been doing. I think I will do some (best) works on summarising what i've learned this year.

Last 2 weeks:

Some kl peeps needed a substitute person to participate in a triathlon so I offered myself as i've been doing training for the british 10km, which was funny coz I did swim training once and nearly drowned from tiredness and I cycled the race on my granny bike (obvs removed basket to make it more streamlined). It was really good in the end, pretty relaxed and we came out with a good time! The bike was a joke though, just had to lol at myself. I only got round 1 out of the 2 circuits, which went unnoticed so I ended up quite high up + in the mens league table as i was subbing for a guy. Nothing spesh.

We saw Jim Pearson (hi jim!) who was touring Germany. He was not the only familiar face we encountered this week as Pete who is erasmussing in Strasbourg came to visit which was very nice. Good chats put the experience so far in perspective.

Overall we had a lot of gd chats comparing both experiences of Camberwell and abroad. I think being abroad you are always learning something new about a different culture and the rest of the world seems to be a lot more accessible which makes u feel more relaxed and have a more perspective.

Me, Pete n Ritchie had fun. Pete arrived on the most arty day in Darm, can't remember what the festival thing was about now but there was a crowd of people jamming on their own at the same time which sounds kind of horrific but was actually kinda kool. Then we met Ritchie and went to cafe chaos where we had lots ov food. Next day me n Pete met for brekkie then later we all went to watch an outside film which we didn't watch but we went to a great summer bar where we drank a bit. Next day me n Pete went to the lake which was gr8 then we all went to an art/design/stuff auction at skl and that was it. Was really fun and nice to have someone visit!

Need to catch up a bit more but can't be bothered to write anymore n need to do work.


  1. Nice spelling Kate ;) glad you're still having a good time, keep up the blogging it would be cool to see your art x

  2. Haha thanks Jess, I will try to put some better work up and round up the year! Moving out tomorrow! x x